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          1. 今天是

            Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery

            The Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery (CSAM) was established in March 1963. It is one the first grade national society under the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and its administrative body sets up in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS).

            The CSAM possesses a total membership of over 12500, among which members with senior academic ranks amount to over 300. The society is now in the term of office of its ninth board of directors. The board consists of 162 directors, 54 standing directors. It will be composed of the ninth board of directors in the end of 2010.

            The highest leading body of the CSAM is the national membership representative assembly. Every 5 years there will hold a national representative assembly to elect its new board of directors. When the assembly is not in session, the board of directors is the leading organization of the society. When the board of directors’ stands adjourned the standing board of directors is to perform the duties of the board of directors.

            The standing administrative body of the CSAM includes an office, an academic department, a popularization department, an advisory department, an international department, and the editorial office of Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery.

            The purpose of the society

            Unite the broad masses of the farm machinery scientific and technological worker with the economic construction as the center of our work, upholding the ideology of science and technology constituting the primary productive forces, executing the strategy of invigorating our country through science and education and the strategy of sustainable development, to bring about a prosperous farm mechanization prospects, including to promote the popularization and diffusion of science and technology, to promote academic exchanges and international cooperation, to promote the growth and improvement of scientific and technological personnel, and to promote the integration of science and technology with economy, and to do service for the construction of socialist material and ideological progress, to do service for farm machinery scientific and technological worker thus speeding up the realization of our socialist modernization construction.

            The academic organizations of the society and the local societies

            The CSAM has its disciplinary societies (committees) 21. The disciplinary societies(committees) include following fields of study: farm mechanization, tractor, irrigation and drainage, livestock husbandry, tillage, harvest and processing, materials and manufacturing technology, basic technology, farm equipment repair and maintenance, technical economy in farm mechanization, market in farm machinery, terrain-machinery system, farm reclamation mechanization, standardization, energy and power, monitor, education, popularization, edition and manager’s work, etc. There are local societies in provinces, in autonomous regions, and in municipalities directly under the central government.

            Publication of the society

            There are 10-odd academic and scientific and technological publications published by CSAM or jointly compiled and published by the society with other organizations. The main publications are 《Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery》(bimonthly), 《Farm Machinery》(monthly), 《China Agricultural Mechanization》(monthly),etc.

            Development fund by the society

            Aiming at stimulating the scientific and technological personnel in their initiative of creating, inventing and working enthusiasm, and encouraging and rewarding them to flourish the scientific the development of farm mechanization and to improve the technological progress in their own trades, the CSAM has specially established a farm machinery development reward under the Chinese Scientific and Technological Development Fund Committee (CSTDFC) to be given to some society organizations or their workers, or given to the scientific and technological workers who have made some contributions in academic research, in scientific and technological exchange, in technological advisory service, in scientific popularization, in education and personnel training, in information compiling and publication, in research result diffusion and in international cooperation.

            International organizations that the society has participated in and foreign academic groups that the society has established connection with

            The society participated the International Commission of Agricultural Engineering Society (CIGR) in 1989. And from 1978 up to now the society has successively established connection with the Agricultural Machinery Societies, Agricultural Engineer Societies, Agricultural Engineering Societies, Engineer Societies, Turbine Society, Terrain Machinery Society in Japan, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Britain, Australia, Netherland, Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Poland, Republic of Korea, Russia, Iran, Vietnam, Philippines, etc.

            Contact us

               Office Address: No.1 Beishatan, Deshengmen Wai, Beijing, P.R.China
               Post code: 100083
               Telephone: 010-64882291,010-64882232
               Fax: 010-64882291


            地址:北京市德外北沙灘一號 聯系電話:010-64882291/64882232 傳真:010-64882291 Email:CSAM@caams.org.cn


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